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I had the pleasure tonight of being invited to the home of the owner of my villa and her family for dinner. I have had some pretty spectacular food in my travels but this was just beyond belief. Mrs Choew, prepared her old family recipe of steamed squid with a spicy ponzu sauce along with grilled king prawns. This was followed with a steamed river fish that had been prepared with Lemongrass and mushrooms.

The method of eating was to take fresh green leaves and to place them in rice pancakes that were so thin they were transparent. Then to place copious amounts of the mushroom sauce on top the leaves. Fresh fish was placed on top of the mound of leaves and mushrooms and then rolled. Before eating this fresh warm roll I was to dip it into the saucy fish juices. Incredible flavour. So Fresh.

Our conversation, over a fantastic wine, moved from western food to Asian food to Communism to Democracy to Obama to his challengers to Republicans to Democrats to Canadians to Oil and power and then to classical music.

At which point one of the guests for dinner began playing on a piano in the courtyard. Miss Cheow was from 6 generations of Hoi An and owned a sizeable chunk of the Town. Looked like I was in the presence of the Mafia. Good thing I bought an expensive wine along with me. Her Family was part of the old history of the town and its political elite before the war.

We had a fantastic night together and I imparted some of my tales of Antarctica and the wider world as well as the reality of the west and its hypocrisy. The family in turn imparted the reality of the East and communism as well as its Hypocrisy.

Great fun to see Miss Cheow’s husband open up an original ipad 2, he picked up in Hong Kong recently, and show off some family pics.

How fabulous an experience in the middle of Vietnam.

The Villa "Chill Out Pavilion"

My Villa Room at $75 USD per night!

Its called Villa Hoa su frangipani in Hoi An