An Bang Beach yesterday

I have settled into my little villa in Hoi An where I plan to stay until mid March. I have had the privilege of being in Goa and this places kicks its butt. I have met some local expats and they have embraced me as one of them as I am here for almost a month in total. Arrived here a while ago. I have been busy soaking in the atmosphere of the place which is a Unesco site.

My bike ride today

There were a few moments where I found myself in exhaustion from the heat. Reached about 32C today… I think. Fine for a bike ride he he. plenty of sunscreen and a good hat. The countryside near Hoi An rivals Cambodia and the colour green takes on new meaning when gazing at these rice fields.

Restaurant Luna at An Bang beach

The food is pretty awesome. A french family has opened a pizzeria and hired an Italian chef. All ingredients are flown in from italy such as spices, ham etc… A phenomenal “Pizza a Fungi” came to about $8. It was as good as I have had in Milan. Yet the view is fantastic as seen in the above picture.

below is one of my favourite shots about a mile from my villa in the countryside.