I am so pleased with what happened on a rainy night in Hoi An surrounded by lanterns in the old quarter of the city. A young man from Austria with bright blue eyes and a strong physical build walked past my restaurant. I was ordering my dinner and he walked into the venue after looking at me and went towards the back. After a few minutes I suddenly found him standing next to my table and politely asking “may I join you?” What confidence and character and lets be honest … how bold. I smiled and said of course.

What transpired was a wonderful conversation and a bit of flirtations while we consumed Lychee martinis and Calamari. He told me of a love affair he had with a girl in Moscow (and his strong feelings for her) and then he told me of a 24 hour affair he had with a young man in Denang only yesterday. Guess the Moscow girl is not all that great after all. I was a bit amazed at how much he told me of his exploits and encounters. Wow … how much this little Austrian was “getting around”. “What… am I next?” I asked?

He laughed and said “maybe, but I am a bit tired from all the messing about, lets see how I am holding up in a bit”.

“Why did you come over and sit with me”? was my next question.

“Your smile and looks … something in your eyes” was his response.

He had a 6:00am flight the next day to Nha Trang. We continued dinner together and had a few more drinks while we shared stories of our world adventures. We parted company about 9:00pm and he headed back to his resort.

I have returned to my villa and can’t help but to feel a massive ego that a 25 year old attractive swimmer from Austria went out of his way to spend the evening with me. Nothing else happened of course but this proves what I have been writing all along in my blog about positive energy and the attraction of those individuals in the world that are tuned into that energy.

I saw so many couples and single travellers today, in various cafe’s and restaurants, talking to strangers in adjacent tables. This to me is the real joy of travel. I may never see that young man again but I look to his positivity and beautiful energy and wish him the greatest joy.

I wish more people would do as he did in life and just walk up to a stranger and ask …

“May I join you”?