This morning I glanced at my emails first thing and saw a message from my Canadian accountant telling me that he made a mistake on my taxes and that I actually had to pay more to the big bad taxman. My first knee jerk reaction was disappointment, but that feeling was quickly replaced with an incredible new realization … “fine just pay it … big deal”.

It was really at breakfast that my new life lesson hit me like a bolt of lightening. Here I was eating perfectly prepared pancakes at a 5 star resort in Hoi An and as I looked around me I could see that all the other guests were retired or at least over 50. The privilege of my life was as clear as it has ever been. What I am doing and how I am travelling while in my 30’s is extraordinary. I may not have a luxury car or a yacht, but I have airline tickets.

“Pay the bills with a smile … you’ll make more” a little voice said to me.

I sat on a lounger by the beach just now alone and listened to the waves crashing in. Wealth is about believing that you will always make more and being very happy with what you are given. There is a passage in a book that I am reading right now “you can heal your life” that touches on bills and money and how to view them with love and flow. I can’t believe I read that only a few days ago and here I am looking at a revised tax bill with a different attitude. I would look at such a thing in the past with resentment.  But actually I can look at it as a symbol of how much I made recently and pay it knowing that I will soon be ready to make even more. Having real faith that I will make more.

In my travels I have been surrounded at times with incredibly wealthy people. In the Antarctica cruise there were plenty with money just as when I flew first class to Cape Town. And I am sad to say many of them were the most miserable people you could imagine. Seriously sour and bitter. Scowling at gate agents, disappointed with service at the front of the plane. Dissatisfied with standard of their rooms in 5 star resorts. If you smile at them in the morning on the way to breakfast … you can at times get a scowl in return.  This is of course not everyone … the ones that have the right attitude seem to gravitate towards each other and have a wail of a time. I know this because I have had great dinners and breakfasts with total strangers that end up being the best of friends by the time we finish.

Wealth is not about what’s in the bank account or the investment portfolio alone. That is only part of it. Wealth is really about attitude.

American Airlines Business Lounge LAX 2010