Taken this morning on a misty day heading towards my ship on a small cruiser.

My ship is on the far right


This bay is about a 4 hour drive from Hanoi. The weather was grey and misty throughout my 3 day 2 night cruise but that seemed to add real atmosphere to the experience. The boats are old junkers that have been converted for travel. In the evening all the boats would anchor in a quiet bay and we would watch french movies after dinner like “Indochine”.

I met a couple from California and we hit it off like a house on fire. I loved their sparkle in conversation and it seemed they brought some California sunshine with them to dinner every night. I also hung out with an Australian couple that were retired and travelling the world. I have not felt alone in all my journeys once. Every night we had dinner together and and told great stories about life and love while on excursions. The conversation was always refreshing and very light. It really seemed that after only two days together we had known each other for years. I really love it when that happens.

Below are some of my favourite pictures of the cruise. There are almost 2000 limescale islands in Halong Bay by the way.

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The harbour near the main town was extraordinary as large container ships could be seen. They all disappeared as you moved into the sea and through the farther reaches of the bay. Yesterday I came out on deck and was confused for a split second as I thought the orange ball of light in front of me was the moon or my mind playing tricks. It quickly became obvious that it was the sun peering through a thick layer of cloud almost as if it were hidden behind a vail of smoke. The moment lasted about 30 seconds … enough time for me to get a picture with a zoom focus.