It does not happen often but I had a real Indiana Jones moment.

A quiet spot in the Angkor Wat Structure

An interesting moment occurred this afternoon when I was in the lobby of my Guesthouse. A lady was waiting around for her afternoon massage and she smiled at me and asked “how’s your day”? We chatted for a bit as I advised her on how fantastic the Khmer massage treatment is. The conversation moved to how she and her husband had retired in their late forties and they were now living in Vancouver. I told her I had been working in London for over a decade and in the process of moving home to Canada. At this point she told me she worked in London for 10 years in the nineties and also headed home to Canada afterwards. She travelled the world as well before the move. We suddenly realised that we were different souls meeting in a point in time with incredibly similar life journeys. She told me that moving to Canada was the best thing she ever did and after working in the financial industry in London … she never looked back at that city. She laughed and stated that I am going to be so glad that I headed back. She advised me to cleanse the soul and be ready for a huge change that will be good for you. Then she shook my hand and went off to her massage. I checked out this evening and now travelling to Hanoi so I probably will never see her again. I really don’t think I will forget this 10 minute electric conversation on a sunny afternoon in Cambodia.

By the way she does Yoga and looked incredible. Mmmm think I may try a bit of yoga.

On my journey I have met many people on life changing journeys. One young lad had been dumped by his BF of 3 years and decided to move from Seattle to Hawaii, another young lad was tired of his career and decided to head to Scotland after living in the middle east for 4 years. I have encountered a young lady who spends her time working in South East Asia building wells after leaving her job and another person who was heading to Nepal to start a new career working for an NGO. It almost feels like we are finding each other and sharing stories. So many of us on a path of great change. some due to relationships and some due to career. All of us finding ourselves in the process. We are also sharing our favourite books. I just finished reading the “power of now” by Eckhart Tolle and have started reading “You can heal your life” by Louise L Hay. All are books recommended to me. I have a few other much lighter novels and some biographies on my ibooks app as well.

Travelling can be so much more than tanning and drinking in a local bar … It can be so spiritual if you are lucky. Meaningful relationships can start even if they last 10mins. I have been in communication with new friends I met in Antarctica (not Penguins) and know that we will keep in touch for the rest of or lives even if it is only through email. That is the real gift of my 21st century journey.

Angkor Wat below

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