Well … we all love a good meal and I have had some luck roaming around the city and being brave with choices. I have mixed things up a bit lately by eating at the simplest venues and then eating at the ritz carlton. One day I had cheap dim sum for lunch (which was divine) and then high tea at the Ritz Carlton. The Ritz is located at the top of the new ICC building which I can see from my balcony. Dim Sum was at Tim Ho Wan.

Roast duck is available everywhere and you can pretty much eat like a king for £5. The high tea at the ritz was £20 which is a bargain considering the venue. Dim Sum was at a Michelin starred venue where you only pay £7 for a full meal. There was a one hour line to get in. The chef (Tim Ho Wan) was at the four seasons and then opened a hole in the wall in Mongkok. It is ranked as the cheapest Michelin star restaurant in the world. Yes … it is worth waiting one hour.

Slide show of my favourite food moments.

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