Taken this evening with a few scattered clouds around.

The Colours are extraordinary from the city and especially when they light the mist in the sky. looks like the tallest tower is a teleporter to the stars. I took the images on night setting mode for a slightly longer exposure. No filters were used.

At one point and old “junker” boat with its sails lit up red passed into the foreground. take a look on the bottom right of the below shot to see it.

A few days ago I gazed upon a structure in England that was build over 500 years ago made of mud, wood and stone.

Ann Hathaway's House Stratford upon Avon circa 1460

Now a short while later I am gazing at what mankind has constructed in the past few decades of steel and glass.

Hong Kong Skyline taken today. Soon will be the "Year of the Dragon" 2012

Our times are that of science fiction and beyond.