Today is the first day that I have ventured out properly. Jet lag has really nailed me heading in this direction. Instead of a hotel environment I found a managed serviced apartment on the internet. There is a small company called Chi Residences with several venues. I booked one in Kowloon that seemed nice and comparable to the large hotels in the city. The Karma of Hoteliers is with me as one week before my departure I received an email form the management staff advising that I would be given a free upgrade to a luxury apartment with a balcony overlooking the Harbour! It is a different apartment from what I originally booked so I am actually on Hong Kong Island now. My view from one end of the apartment is the International Commerce Center building and on the other side of the unit I can see the skyscrapers towards Victoria Peak.

I ended up in a vegetable and fresh fish market this afternoon. and when I say fresh fish I mean still wriggling and very much alive. I witnessed a disturbing and violent end to one fish as it was scaled and disembowelled while still breathing and moving. Life can be so vicious and cruel and many times death can come so violently for the creatures of our planet … especially us humans. I dread to think how painful an end that fish must have experienced. We usually see our food nicely packaged and sterilised in supermarkets but here in the markets of Hong Kong everything is bloody and fresh and alive.

I purchased 4 of the largest king prawns I have ever seen (almost the size of small lobsters) and flash fried them in garlic and butter this evening for about 3 mins on high heat. I chased them down with a bottle of South African white wine I have been saving from Cape Town. Just realised that bottle of wine has travelled about 19000 kilometres!