As I write this entry I am somewhere over the earth 5 hours into a 12 hour flight, assuming it is northern Russia below, heading towards Hong Kong. I really have no idea where I am as the “moving map” display on the entertainment system has failed and all you get on that channel is a fuzzy picture. I could be anywhere. The cabin lights are in full black out and my fellow passengers are in their beds fast asleep. I have the stars to keep me company and the very rare and occasional cluster of lights 35000 feet below me.  What would the passengers on ships 100+ years ago think of this?

A few days ago in Stratford upon Avon UK (birthplace of Shakespeare) I visited the house of Ann Hathaway who was Shakespeare’s wife. The house was over 500 years old and images of the place are on a slideshow in my last entry. It really is beyond belief that such a place has survived through so many centuries. A tour guide advised me that the house was built before Christopher Columbus discovered America! WOW!

So I walked through an environment that is part of ancient human history and am now hurling near the speed of sound towards the most modern and futuristic environments on the planet. I can’t help but wonder what Shakespeare would think? What would he write about? What would such an incredible mind fathom of our futuristic 21st century world.

He would probably look to the human condition and the personalities that populate the vastness of our planet and say, “nothing has changed”. People are people and our motivation, our wants; our needs are the same … just different toys.

I saw the play “measure for measure” and many times during the outstanding performance of the Royal Shakespeare Company I thought this play is truly as relevant now as it was hundreds of years ago.

That was his genius and that was his great gift to humanity. The toys really have changed and perhaps made things a touch more complicated but we are still human beings attempting to figure out why we are here and what will make us happy. Then for some of us love trumps the whole thing and we say damn the whole lot of it and dive in.

Only we have to deal with social media and smartphones to make it all more confusing.

I would love for Shakespeare to work an iphone into one of his plays.