An incredible chapter change is unfolding in my life as I say good-bye to England. I have been here for almost 13 years and now I head home to Canada (via several other countries) and start another great adventure.

It has occurred to me today that change and the ability to change, no matter how frightening, is the greatest gift and ability in the modern world. I have changed careers about 5 times already and now plan to flex my creative muscles as well as sell new products in a new market. I stay open minded to the changes to come and know that when I must I will embrace the different challenges I will face.

We live in an age where I truly believe the ability to adapt and change to the ever-increasing volatile world is a great gift. I did not learn this ability overnight and I can assure you I will spend the rest of my life learning and growing on how to change even more and quickly. Perhaps adaptability and change is a fantastic way to view my life’s work.

I still find each and every new chapter in my life somewhat bewildering and often frightening but in the past those feelings would last months and now only really last days. I try not to focus on what could be or what may be but on what “is” here and now. Perspective does have its place as well.

When I arrived in England I felt new and open to all that life could throw at me. I seem to have lost that feeling as of late … but now … as I prepare to board my flight to Hong Kong … and think of the great adventures to come, I feel as I did those long years ago in February 1999. I departed for London with a Backpack in the hold and dreams of what could be. Now the backpack has been swapped for LV but the spirit remains.

I found love, wealth, friends, horror, joy, and despair. I found a journey beyond my wildest dreams but most importantly I found more of myself. Perhaps that is all any of us could ever hope for as we grow old and pass our memories and souls to this great earth.

Below are some of my favourite pictures of the last few days. Some are from Ann Hathaway’s house in Stratford Upon Avon

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