British Sunrise

The diversity of our planet in all forms and permutations is so striking when moving around with speed and ease and over such great distances. The mood of a nation and its people can almost be touched when one opens their hearts and minds to it. Perhaps because I am a traveller and receptive to absorb all that is around me I am far more sensitive to the ups and downs of human interaction. I really do not know. But I can sense how we are connected at this moment. I can see the smiles of the friends I made in Antarctica on my cruise, or the laughter I shared with hotel staff in Patagonia only a few weeks ago and then it is coupled with the rudeness of some who are angry in their hearts and full of despair. I can see their faces clearly and it amazes me how they all blend together without a sense of geography considering these individuals are thousands of miles apart. As if my mind is seeing them in the same room and in the same place and all of them seem to be so similar exept for the accents.

However if I walk around any major city I could say the say the same thing. So many similarities yet all so unique. All sharing together experiences and ups and downs. Interesting that many many years ago those feelings and thoughts would be felt by a human being restricted to their village or town. At this moment all my feelings for my fellow Man is global. The village is not only a few miles across. It is quite a few Thousand.

Where am I now?

I found the warmth of British hospitality  outside of London. I am in a small country retreat in Hertfordshire and was greeted in my hotel with the grandest smile imaginable from a gorgeous blonde. pleased to see that there is some civility left in England somewhere. I have to be honest … I am looking forward to leaving as the weather has been very strange and there is still definitely a current of negativity everywhere. The feelings here of anger are quite palpable. I have stopped watching any news.

By the way the hotel I stayed in a few days ago (where the cleaning staff were rude) has given me heartfelt apology for any discomfort and given me a further refund for the alternative accommodation and meals that were arranged. Glad that matter was resolved.

I am in a stunning pub nearby called the “Royal Standard of England”. It is steeped in history and even has a few resident ghosts. The place is supposed to be the oldest surviving pub in England with foundations that are 900 years old! I can imagine a ghost sitting next me while I’m having dinner and wondering what the hell that strange device with light all over its face is doing on the table? An ipad I would say if asked.

Royal Standard of England interior tonight

I ordered a Pheasant with a chestnut sauce and a glass of red wine. Gorgeous combination. Sat in a room with a fireplace which was bathed in warm candlelight.

When thinking of the light and colours in South Africa a few days ago it amazes me how different things can be with the same sun rising out of my hotel window.

 Amazed at how colours are so beautiful even in a raining grey day. Colours vividly different from where I was. Light can change so much of our perceived world. Here in this northern hemisphere the light creates an almost blue tinge to everything and with the sun skimming the horizon for a limited number of hours in the day I find myself in disbelief that this same sun gave me almost an extra 6 hours of light on the other end of the planet.