I took off on 2011 and landed on 2012. It occurred to me last night that there are thousands of people like myself that are crossing the world high above New Years revellers celebrating the changing of the year. A few passengers and I decided to celebrate New Years for every time zone we crossed but after one too many glasses of champagne I fell into a deep sleep. The wake up call from the captain stated a cheery “good morning and welcome to 2012”.

So What happens on New Years Eve on a flight? Well …  no announcements were made and plenty of champagne was chilled before take off. I traveled alone however the chap next to me was a scottish businessman. We struck up a fabulous conversation and ended up having dinner together at 35000 feet. There are so many individual travellers I have met lately with glad and open hearts that are fascinating company and great to share experiences with. Our departing city of Cape town fast approached midnight as we were finishing dinner and the cabin attendant rushed though with fresh full glasses of champagne for everyone. She smiled with electricity and declared “happy new year” as she handed me a sparkling glass.

There were no cheers or applause, just a few clinks of glassware to toast the new year. I was over the south west coast of Africa and could not see any fireworks out the window in the night sky. This was an evening flight that lasted 11 hours and to be honest it went by like a flash.

Here’s to a very happy new year and new beginings. Time to let go of the past and move forward.