Cape Town has surprised me as it is so international and a mix of Miami, the French Riviera, Los Angeles and of course Africa … and what a mix it is. The weather has been consistently 28C and I have grown quite dark skinned. I think this city deserves its ranking as one of the top 5 destinations in the world.

The people have impressed me the most. The smiles from all the locals and the staff in hotels have floored me. I have also been fortunate to meet young South Africans from Jo-berg who have given me unique insights in how the country is developing. In short I have learned that many are concerned with the economy just as the rest of the world and they are very concerned with the competence of their government. Sound familiar?

Crime is a problem everywhere but I have actually felt safer in parts of Cape Town than many parts of London as of late. A few weeks ago in London I missed a mugging by 10 mins down a street in Docklands and recently I witnessed a young lad attempt a robbery down a footpath in Chelmsford. London Buses have not felt particularly safe lately as well. I know that if I go to certain areas of cape town I would be in big big trouble so perspective is important but my point is that safety is relative in all corners of the world and the western world should not believe its own hype of being some kind of “Shangri- La”.

I took a public bus in Cape Town to Eden Bay (about 1/2 an hour from the city) and the bus was brand new, clean and had security staff on each bus as well as each primary stop. I was told that the new buses had been introduced 3 months ago to serve Western Cape town. In the shopping areas I could not believe how much security I witnessed on patrol and even the beaches had plenty of security. They were never obtrusive or in the way either.

I think Cape Town will be on my list as a possible retirement spot after all. By the way I thought this city beat out Honolulu for overall appeal.

Here are a few of my favourite pics.

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