About 100 years ago the Titanic sailed and there was a First class service on board that was exclusively available to the super rich. It was a service that was distinctly British with white glove treatment and fine dining. The cabins were incredible as were the restaurant facilities and it would take several days to cross the atlantic ocean. Today if you have enough milage points with a good International airline you can get an upgrade to First Class and it is therefore accessible to a wide range of people and walks of life not just the super rich. So with a backpack in the hold and the spirit of of a backpacker at heart I experienced the service of British First Class elegance at Heathrow airport and in the air to Cape Town.

21st Century Travel in style …

The Concorde Room at Heathrow is exclusively for First Class passengers and has a private dining room with waiter service as well as a fabulous bar adorned with crystal chandelliers.

The seat and space in the air.

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The Dining Experience was 6 courses of absolute refined luxury on bone china. Boy was I stuffed like a bird. Champagne was a vintage Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle and the wine was a Vincint Girardin Puligny Montrachet 2007. Dessert wines and port finished the experience and put me into a deep sleep over North Africa. Crew actually make your bed for you and you are given a set of pyjamas and slippers to sleep in. Breakfast is on demand in bed.