British Airways New FiRST Class

So I managed to get a sale fare at the last minute to Cape Town for £1000 return in Business class which is absolutely extraordinary a price! Because I have 91000 milage points with British Airways I though “what if I could use those points and go one step further to First Class”? Well … I was told repeatedly on the phone that I had a very restrictive ticket that would not allow changes or milage upgrades.

I learned many years ago that if you smile, be polite and ask again a “no” can be a “yes”. Today I thought lets give it one more shot for fun and sure enough a seat was made available on the system for a redemption of 25000 points at the last minute and I could move to First class no questions asked. Not once did the service staff say that I would be barred to move because of the ticket rules.

Why did I get the move up? Is it because I am a frequent flyer? Is it because I have a silver card? Is it because I was nice? Is it because I am persistent?

I have a theory … maybe it is just simply by sending positive energy to everyone around me and moving through this world being as nice as possible. being “nice” NOT “weak”. The individuals I talk to on service desks for all kinds of products and services can be pretty convincing when they say “no”. It happens all the time. But kindness and politeness trumps rudeness. success can be as simple as 100 no’s followed by a singe yes. I have a discounted ticket that I purchased on a flash sale and eventually I have ended up in a cabin that costs about £4500 one way! Wow and Merry Christmas from the powers above and the Universe of good energy.

Final note to self:

It looks like nice guys don’t finish last after all. Nice guys finish first … or at least fly FIRST.