I have just made a donation to the Red Cross and have started to research a few other organisations to give to regularly throughout next year. I am rare and have had some financial benefit this year from a long term investment and decided that it is only right to give something to the world that is giving me so much back. For some reading this blog times are not really fantastic financially and there is probably a small voice that went off saying “its all ok for you Dil, you are living the high life”. But this year came with incredible personal shocks that nearly destroyed me in every way and I realised when I came through the turmoil that being alive and having food in my stomach, a roof over my head and clean clothes and water made me the top fractional richest person on the planet automatically. Everything else after the basics I need to be alive and human are not necessarily needs but wants.

I have a strange feeling from many people I have encountered on my journey so far that we are starting to understand this concept although it is a struggle to do so. Two individuals I met on my recent travels really stand out for me. I will write about them in the next few days and below are details for one who has a web site and I actually met the president of the charity.

Web site is: http://www.givechildrenafuture.org/site/index.php?language=en

I need to get my thoughts together and write about the president Paula Malyon.

Charity can really be anything lets face it. donated time or some money. now lets be frank … even if it is a pound or a single dollar that is better than nothing and if only 500 million of the western world population managed to that imagine the impact.

Lately I have started to wonder if this feeling of charity really will only be a “Christmas thing” like it has been for me many times in the past. I am guilty like many for only doing this once a year. But something does feel different lately. I think it might be that the age of selfishness really must come to an end. That a new awakening is on the horizon and that we must grow up now and put the toys away in the human race and start acting like responsible adults. From what I have seen lately I have a feeling that if we do not wise up … other forces of nature will naturally teach us a few lessons.