Outside Selfridges

There is something about London at Christmas that creates a type of festive cheer that I really don’t think exists anywhere else in the world. It is probably the fact that as you walk around the cold streets on a grey day and take in the architecture you feel as though you are lost in a Dickens novel. That is until you are bumped by someone feverishly texting and walking at the same time with their head buried in an iphone (dangerous). Or you hear someone on their blackberry talking loudly with a hands free.

The store fronts are my favorite at Selfridges and Fortnum and Mason. Fortnum and Mason started out in 1707 and although expensive is a wonder to walk around. This year I made a point of having a coffee or glass of wine in one of the department store bars and just people watching. Yesterday at Selfridges I saw something quite wonderful. With all the doom and gloom around with the economy … I saw everyone with a smile. Ok they did not appear to have many bags with them and they may be a little more affluent in these venues than other locations around the UK … but the point is they were all smiling. They were all striking conversations with bar men/women or they were with close friends just catching up on the best gossip of the year. It was a great vibe.

Anyway I have compiled a slideshow of my favourite shots of London at Christmas time while walking about the past few days.

Below: “Selfridges” and “Fortnum and Masons” exterior Christmas window dressings and interior shots.

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Window dressing at Fortnum and Mason London