There are a few friends in this world that actually are not friends … they are family. As the years move forward it is funny how those that we choose in our lives can sometimes mean more to us than blood. You guys know who you are. Love ya.

Next I am planning the Cape Town adventure. not been to this city before. debating whether to go on a game reserve for a few days. The only problem is time and availability as I booked this trip at the very last minute for the Christmas period. I have no real family relationships left so Christmas is not about relatives. It has over the past few years been about friends (family) and sun if I can get it. I am strongly considering just showing up in Cape Town and playing it by ear. But due to the Holiday season it looks like I better pre book some hotels as they are all filling up.

My flight departs Cape town on December 31st at 20:50. I will celebrate new years at 35000 feet. for a dreamy traveller like me I cannot think of anything better!