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The other day I came to a major conclusion about my journey to the bottom of the earth. We humans need to change in order to continue living on this planet. I know that is very harsh and controversial but I took something away from Antarctica that I had not expected.

I saw perfect natural balance in the creatures and various life forms that existed on the frozen continent. Yet on board the ship I saw an equally perfect example of imbalance. Humans drunk and gorging on food with great wastage. Individuals with incredible wealth behaving with selfishness and aggression. Set in so much perfection and natural beauty was a manmade ship that contained all the vices and imbalances of our modern world.

We consume everything we get our hands on and destroy what is in front of us to  consume even more. Our population is now officially unsustainable and our selfish ways are literaly killing the earth.

Do we belong here anymore?