The following message was sent to the crew:


You and Susan left quite an impression on me. I seem to find myself thinking of you two and the rest of the team often. There are many moments of love and giving you gave me personally and that really touched my heart. I seemed to have taken something away from the trip far greater than what I thought I would. I seem to find myself reflecting on challenges I have faced in life and quite frankly challenges I faced on board the MS Expedition. The Expedition was more to me than an expedition of ice and Antarctic beings. It was an expedition into my growth and the power to forgive people in the difficult journey that has been my life. Also to forgive myself when I have made mistakes. It was part of a life journey that has taken me to just about every corner of this great planet and you and the rest of the expedition family helped that journey and dream to be a reality.

I have two moments that really stand out for me that involve Susan and yourself…

On the day we cleared the Lemaire passage I remember seeing Susan alone drifting in a zodiac as I was returning from the cruise around some stunning icebergs. I saw Susan with one toe gently in the water in what appeared to be the calmest moment of Zen I have ever seen. Then suddenly a group of penguins danced through the water directly towards her. It was as if she was calling them to her … Or maybe they were calling her to them. I wish I took a picture but to be honest I was lost in wonder at this sight.

Later that same day we stood with a small group on a hill surrounded by penguins and I commented that this was an alien world. You recited a passage so stunning and appropriate from your memory that I was left again in wonder.

All of you really are transporters of dreams because you take us on spiritual journeys as well as physical ones. Sometimes you don’t even have to say anything. You just have to smile.

Taking a picture of his ship