Words really cannot describe what my fellow passengers, the crew, expedition team and I experienced. The pictures on this blog of Antarctica simply do not justify the place at all. It was another world from earth (literally) and you would be forgiven for thinking you were on Jupiter’s Moon of io had it not been for the fact that the oxygen is breathable and of course there is gravity. But that is where the similarities of earth that we know end. Antarctica was alien in almost every way because of its purity. And astoundingly there is a whole raft of intelligent alien beings living in that world. Penguins building snow highways to get between each others colonies and whales that moved together with purpose in a pod of 100.

I keep wondering… Do we humans actually have a right to be here anymore? Nature when untouched seems to get on just fine without us. This is a question that becomes very important when you suddenly come up to a wrecked whaling ship that is 100 years old rusting in a small bay. Or when you see an old whaling station that has been left to rot on a beachhead in the foreground of a perfect landscape.

Anyway forgive me for being a little philosophical as Antarctica can do that to you. Bring on the pictures.

By the way I did not photoshop anything.