I actually purchased a World Traveller Plus Ticket and used miles to upgrade to Club world so I was quite chuffed to wake up this morning after having slept for 8 hours on the flight down.20 mins to landing There were some serious bumps in the night though. The Flight attendant told me that when crossing the equator the weather gets very rough. I then realised that my route was the same one that downed Air France a few years back over the Atlantic. They say they went into a major storm. I should really refrain from thinking of crashes when I am flying. Breakfast was great in the sky and yep there was loads of sun on the runway for landing after the 13 1/2 hours in the air. Buenos Aires and heading to gate

Ah Buenos Aires!!! Light breeze, sunny and 25C today. Because I am rested I had a shower and hit the town. As it is Sunday there is a massive antique Market in San Telmo where I pretty much spent the day walking around having a bite to eat and a few beers.

Saw a great session of street dancing expertly executed by a couple that were probably grandparents. Boy could they move doing the tango.

Went to a square that looked like it was right out of EVITA. I think I did see the famous balcony that Eva Peron once graced.

Now getting ready to gobble some famous Argentine Beef at a restaurant in Polermo.

The sun went down at about 7:30pm. For my English friends that are wondering what the sun is … the sun is a warm ball of light that radiates our world and actually creates substantial light all day. Yes there is an alternative to cloud and rain. 🙂