433 years ago Sir Francis Drake after having passed through the Strait of Magellan, was blown far South in September of 1578. This incident implied an open connection between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. Now it is referred to as the Drake Passage which I will navigate through on November 18th 2011 to get to Antarctica.

Last night as I was falling asleep I thought of the conversation I would have with Mr Drake if I could travel back in time (need to arrange that with CERN I think). What an interesting convo over a dram of whiskey lit by a lantern on board his ship.

“imagine Mr Drake that 433 years into the future, unlike the months at sea you have endured,  I will board a cylinder of metal powered by air and fire moving above the clouds and travel between London and South America in 14 hours with no stops! If I wish I can watch moving images with sound similar to a stage play with a glass of wine or a hot meal and even sleep in a flat-bed in some areas of the vessel while over the earth. Then I will join a ship of metal and Iron that will take me down the same passage of water you have been on with all the comforts of a home. Hot showers Mr Drake! Hot meals! and even a pub on board. When I walk on the frozen Continent I will have only travelled a few days from London. I will be a little tired due to a futuristic condition called jet lag”.

After finishing our whisky together he may have thrown me overboard for being insane.

Just as I fell asleep I thought what fantasy of science fiction a traveller 433 years into the future from the year 2444 would tell me of his or her journey in the 25th century of travel.