Sydney 1997

My Journey started in 1997 when I took a one year working holiday to Australia. I was equipped with a backpack and a few dollars in my pocket and hoped to move around OZ with no expectation other than meeting loads of people and expanding my horizons of what was out there in this big old world. Everything changed that year.

I was hooked on the concept of travelling for the sole purpose of exploration and addicted to jet fumes and airport terminals. I was always fascinated to look at signs in the arrivals hall at a far away destination and not having a clue what the symbols and language represented. Funny the symbol for the toilet and baggage reclaim are universal though.

I believe that in life it is the experiential purchases and not the material ones that give the most satisfaction and greatest feelings of joy. A fancy watch or car is nice for a few months … but the feeling of escape and adventure on take off seems to stay with me for years after the event. I often look at pictures of my journeys and really feel accomplished. I have approximately 17,000 images in my photo library so I try not to look at them all at once. Thank goodness for digital cameras… can you imagine how much paper and developing costs would be involved. Saved a few trees I think. When I get to Antarctica in the coming weeks I will be able to claim that at the age of 38 I have walked on every continent of this world and most of her islands. This has started to bring me perspective on what the meaning of being here is about. I think that is something I can explore on this bog for my friends to see.

All of you that I have encountered are part of this great journey and what is the greatest treasure of this planet in my opinion are the millions of smiles from strangers and all the incredible cultures that are hiding in the corners of the world. Interesting though that in the last decade there is not much hiding anymore because we are linked on the Internet. As a people and species I believe we are on the verge of a global central nervous system thanks to technology. Something happens on one end of the planet and collectively we feel it instantly on the other side. A major event can be witnessed by us all simultaneously and in some cases we all react and send the emotion out together.

I wonder if it is possible that 7 billion people all feeling the same emotional state at the same time can actually affect the planet in some way? If it is possible than I plan to make it a mission to send good energy out to everyone I meet and all the creatures I encounter as well. hopefully that will be a whale or a penguin very soon. I am sure I will be forgiven if I whisper an apology to that whale on behalf of the human race and give it an emotional hug from afar.