Upper Deck Business 747 Seat 64A

DSC01612The BA business product is one of the best transatlantic products available. The seats are very comfortable and most importantly they are private. I have had the pleasure of flying this cabin for the majority of my flights around the world departing both from North America as well as Europe. There is a variety of different flights and durations I have had in this cabin so I have created this commentary with a wide perspective.

IMGP0537The length of the flat bed and the seclusion you will experience on board will almost be comparable to first class on other international airlines. It’s the seat separation visor that electronically moves up and down that I appreciate the most. The upper deck section of the 747 is the most private and service can be a little more attentive as there are fewer passengers upstairs. Exit rows upstairs can give you a bit more space as you are near the door in the mid section of the 747 upper deck bubble. Seats 64 A and K are the best seats on the whole of the 747 business product as you have no one in front of you and there is at least another foot of space extra before the wall. see picture at the top of this post. The view out the windows is pretty cool as you are looking down at the wings and the engines with the planet moving below.


On a recent flight to Tokyo I travelled in the main cabin seated in the middle section. There was no one seated next to me. When the electronic visor was put up on both middle seats I was in a wonderful oasis and compartment of two seats all to myself. It was like being on a private jet.